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V-Proton ©

Convertible vertical take-off & landing plane



Airplane with pivoting wings that allow vertical takeoff and transition to fixed-wing flight, increasing efficiency and flight autonomy. Additionally, the hydrogen-based energy system with PEM fuel cell extends the autonomy extensively.

  • Vertical Take-Off & Landing     

  • Autonomous flight                           

  • Visible / Thermal camera                               

Ideal for inspection of large areas, solar power plants, power lines, topography, fire prevention, traffic surveillance, air quality inspection, meteorological prospecting.


V-Raptor ©

Raptor bird



Bird-shaped airplane for Bird Deterrence or

Unnoticed Air Surveillance

  • Autonomous Flight                       

  • Real Time Video                

  • “Scarecrow” Sounds               

Ideal for avoiding bird deaths in wind farms, bird collisions on airplanes in airport environments, as well as for unnoticed surveillance from the air.