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Innovative  UAV systems

Ventor Innovations develops complete UAV systems for surveillance, observation, topography, remote sensing, atmospheric data acquisition, as well as for deterrence missions of birds in areas where birds are a problem. Our products with registered patent, integrate advanced technology for remote or autonomous flight operation, as well as the possibility of customized payload integration.

V-Proton ©

Convertible vertical take-off & landing plane

Airplane with pivoting wings that allow vertical takeoff and transition to fixed-wing flight, increasing efficiency and flight autonomy. Additionally, the hydrogen-based energy system with PEM fuel cell extends the autonomy extensively.

  • Vertical Take-Off & Landing     

  • Autonomous flight                           

  • Visible / Thermal camera                               

Ideal for inspection of large areas, solar power plants, power lines, topography, fire prevention, traffic surveillance, air quality inspection, meteorological prospecting.

V-Raptor ©

Raptor bird

Bird-shaped airplane for Bird Deterrence or

Unnoticed Air Surveillance

  • Autonomous Flight                       

  • Real Time Video                

  • “Scarecrow” Sounds               

Ideal for avoiding bird deaths in wind farms, bird collisions on airplanes in airport environments, as well as for unnoticed surveillance from the air.

Composites Technology

At Ventor Innovations we provide design support and manufacturing services with the most advanced technologies in composite materials for different sectors and applications. If you have a project with parts or structures in composite materials, carbon fiber, glass, aramid, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us.

Antennas or reflective surfaces

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Customized solutions

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